The Year 2000 Photo Album

January-27-2000   Business meeting

February-24-2000   Business meeting

March-9-2000   Building meeting

May-11-2000   Building meeting

May-25-2000   Business meeting

June-25-2000 Marks model sale at Ed's

July-12-2000  Building meeting

July-27-2000   Business meeting

Auguest-24-2000 Ed's Cook Out

September-14-2000  Building meeting

October-26-2000  Business meeting

November-9-2000   Building meeting

November-16-2000   Business meeting

December-21-2000   Christmas bash

Model Contests

February-12-2000 Richmond Model Contest

March-6-2000 MDA car show and Model Contest

April-8-2000 Winston Salem Model Contest

The 2000 RVIPMS "ShootOut" Model Contest

Auguest-12-2000 The Virginia Shoot-Out 2000

Road Trips

May-6-2000 Paul Garber museum


April-29-2000 Valley View Mall Demo

July-29-2000 Tanglewood Mall Demo