The Year 2001 Photo Album

January-11-2001  Building meeting


February-22-2001 Business meeting


March-22-2001 Business meeting


May-24-2001 Business meeting


June-26-2001 Business meeting


July-12-2001 Building meeting


July-26-2001 Business meeting


August-23-2001 Cook Out meeting


October-25-2001 Business meeting


November-15-2001 Business meeting


December-13-2001 Building meeting


December-21-2001 Building meeting


Model Contests

February-2-2001 Atlanta Model Expo

February-10-2001 Richmond Model Contest

April-7-2001 Northern Virginia Model Contest

August-25-2001 Lynchburg Box Stock Rock

September-15-2001 IPMS MidState NC Contest

November-03-2001 IPMS ARM?AIR NC Salisbury Contest

The 2001 RVIPMS "ShootOut" Model Contest's

September-12&13-2001 The Region 2 Virginia Shoot-Out 2001

 Road Trips

June-6- 2001 D-Day Memorial 

July-7-2001 Pope Air show

Auguest-18-2001 Frederick Air show

December-01-2001 Christmas Shoping at the Rail Yard


May-05-2001 Valley View Mall Demo

September-22-2001 Tanglewood Mall Demo