The Year 2002 Photo Album

January-24-2002 Business meeting

February-28-2002 Business meeting

March-13-2002 Building meeting

March-28-2002 Business meeting

April-11-2002 Building meeting

April-25-2002 Business meeting

May-09-2002 Business meeting

June-13-2002 Building meeting

July-25-2002 Business meeting

August-22-2002 Cook Out meeting

September-12-2002 Building Meeting

September-26-2002 Business Meeting

October-10-2002 Building Meeting

October-24-2002 Business Meeting

November-21-02 Business Meeting

December-12-02 Building Meeting

December-19-02 Christmas Bash

Model Contests

February-09-2002 IPMS Richmond Model Contest

March-09-2002 IPMS Gaston County NC Contest

July-31-2002 IPMS National Convention Virginia Beach VA

September-14-2002 Mid Carolina Model Contest

October-12-2002 The Blue/Gray Renegades Lynchburg Model Contest

Road Trips

March-24-2002 Tim's Vacation to VLS and the "Strictly 43rd" scale Contest

April-20-2002 The Mariners Museum

May-11-2002 The Richard Petty Museum

June-29-2002 Life Guard 10 Rescue Helicopter

July-03-2002 "Cruzin" Williamson Road Car Show

October-05-2002 Road Trip to Lexington VA

October-26-2002 RVIPMS Salem Museum's Ghost hunt, and Scratch built Roller Coaster

October-27-2002 The #97 Nascar on display


May-01-2002 419 Library Display