The Year 2003 Photo Album

January-09-2003 Building meeting

January-23-2003 Business meeting

February-13-2003 Building meeting

February-27-2003 Business meeting (no photos)

March-13-2003 Building  meeting

March-27-2003 Business meeting

April-10-2003 Building meeting

April-24-2003 Business meeting

May-08-2003 Building Meeting

May-22-2003 Business meeting

May-26-2003 Memorial Day

June-12-2003 Building Meeting

June-26-2003 Business meeting

July-10-2003 Building Meeting (no photos)

August-28-2003 The 2003 Virginia CookOut

September-11-2003 Building Meeting

September-25-2003 Business Meeting (no photos)

October-09-2003 Building Meeting

October-23-2003 Business Meeting

November-13-2003 Building Meeting

November-20-2003 Business Meeting

December-11-2003 Building Meeting (no photos)

December-18-2003 Business Meeting Christmas Party

Model Contests

February-08-2003 Richmond Model Contest

August-09-2003 The 2003 Virginia ShootOut

August-09-2003 Cliffs Virginia ShootOut Photos

October-04-2003 NOVA Contest

November-08-2003 Lynchburg VA Box Stock Rock Contest

Road Trips

May-03-2003 Danville Airshow

June-7-2003 NASA

July-12-2003 Mooresville NC Race City USA

July-18-2003 USAF Museum

July-17-2003 Cliffs USAF Museum Photos

July-19-2003 The Dayton Airshow

July-19-2003 Cliffs Dayton Airshow Photos

September-26-2003 Rescue Squad Convention

October-22-2003 Cliffs Photos of the George S. Patton Museum Fort Knox KY

October-25-2003 Cliffs Photos of the Corvette Museum Bowling Green KY


March-18-2003 Cub Scout Make & Take 

June-15-2003 Fathers Day at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford

Cave Spring Elementary School Make and Take Program