11-04-2006 to 01-20-2007

 In the Winter of 2006 members of RVIPMS added a "English Folly" and "Eisenhower Garden"  to a execsisting model of the D-Day Memorial at the Bedford Visitors Center.

Members Change a incorrect area on the model to reflect the new Eisenhower Memorial Garden and English folly that is presently being built on the actual site.


 The final assembly crew of Greg, Dennis, Cliff, Drew, Bob Stull, Ken, David Draper and myself met at the Bedford Restaurant, fortified ourselves with coffee and grease, and headed to the Visitor's Center around 9:30 and went directly to work.  After re-mixing some paint to match the concrete areas we started gluing the pieces in place and it started really coming together.  After sprucing (no pun intended) the model with pine trees, shrubbery (Monty Python reference) and perfectly frosted trees (thanks, Cliff) we put the park benches in place and sprinkled liberally with people, and dang-it if it didn't look like we knew what we were doing!!!  We put the lid on (hopefully for the last time) and the thing looks awesome!!!  Thanks to everyone who showed up today and thanks to those who have helped in the past. 


 Tommy and Ed for the initial planning and building stages.

 Tommy and Ken for the middle building and painting stages at Ken's house.

('s OK to get back to your Ticonderoga now)

 Everyone who showed up today and in the past to help us lift the lid and spend the day watching me mix paint?!?!?!?!?  I appreciate all of your help.

 If you get a chance to visit the Visitor's Center in the near future, check out the model. 

 Again, thanks to guys rock.